UPackaging is Asia’s leading food packaging design for packaging labels. We believe in delivering high quality food packaging material and unique packaging design to reinforce your brand label.

With us, you may buy in small or bulk quantity, with competitive price. We are constantly sourcing for better products, negotiate and re-negotiate with our suppliers, all for the best for our customers.

Our existing customer relationship were built with trust. So should you. Build your trust with a memorable food packaging design for your label.

Food Packaging Design for Label Printing

  • Paper Lunch Box
  • Paper Bowl
  • Tissue / Napkin
  • Hot Cup

food packaging label design

[ Branding Identity ]

Food packaging is more than just protection for food. It delivers visual memory of your brand. 

 Attract consumers to your food product with a unique food packaging design for label.

Food packaging design is vital to branding, creating a look that communicates tasty, healthy, and reliable brand.

Good food packaging design is both appealing and fulfilling its role to preserve and protect food. 

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Most SMEs missed out on this very important benefit of food packaging design for label. It appears to be not significant, afterall, after consumers finish eating, what is left i.e. the packaging will mostly be thrown.

However, the visual experience of your brand through the packaging label is the best ever chance of branding your product, plus, it is almost free!

Getting a design done is easy as ABC, all you need to do is contact us on the form above, and ask us.

All established and successful products have its own brand design. You should have one yourself now with just a click.